We(b) Design is a must

We(b) Design is a must


What is the first thing you do when you want to know something about a business? That’s right, visit its website.


A website is the most powerful and important business card. It’s the place where your potential clients are supposed to find all the information related to you: your story, services, and products, address, contact information, etc. It’s like your company in the virtual world.

An excellent website is key for any business and for your online presence. If you don’t have a website (or if you have a bad one) it’s like you don’t exist in the internet world!


Like everything in this era, it’s not just about the information. There’s a very important factor about websites and it’s that it must be attractive and user-friendly, so people can create a connection with you as a brand, trust in you, and feel the need of purchasing your products or services.


From the perspective above, it looks like having a website seems like a pretty basic and easy task, but not so fast! Accomplishing these simple factors can be a hard and complicated thing to develop. But hey, the good news is you can call the experts (us) and leave your project in good hands.


Another important thing to have in mind when creating a website is their navigation. If you have an attractive website with the proper information about you but its navigation is not user-friendly, you might be losing the opportunity of turning potential clients into actual customers.


That’s why you need a professional team to help you put everything into place so you can have an optimal website that makes your customers go through all your tabs, but most importantly, making that process easy and intuitive for them.


The accurate management of web design and user interface can give amazing, and stunning results for any website development project.


Just like Graphic Design, Web Design has the purpose of make everything eye-appealing but functional as well. On the other hand, there are user interface patterns that help to improve the user experience when visiting a website. That’s why they are patterns, they are pre-set design models that guarantee intuitive navigation even if the user had never visited your page before.


We know this is a very important topic, but not everyone understands how it work. The good thing is we are here to help you! We have a high-qualified team able to develop and design a website adapted to your needs and most importantly, to the trends and expectations of your audience.


Here are some of the benefits you will get in exchange when developing your website with Abconsultingg:


Our team knows how to implement each and every element for more traffic and for the wide publicity of your business.

An excellent web design that will enhance the amount of time website visitors spend browsing your site, making them more likely to purchase the services and products you offer.


Your ranking on Google will improve thanks to the use of relevant keywords to your business.

An engaging site that will help you target more customers and get more revenue for your business.


Some pluses you can use to boost your business


Retargeting: If you already have a website, but it’s not giving you the revenue you expected or you feel like you are reaching the wrong audience; you might need a retargeting. We guarantee a target research to use the right keywords and strategies to get to your goal audience.


Marketing automation (email marketing): Email marketing is a great tool to increase engagement and to keep your brand in your audience’s mind. The best part? You don’t have to worry about sending the emails because we can automate them all so you can focus on other tasks.


Sales automation: Imagine your business growing so much that you have a large number of sales daily; how would you manage that big work influx? You'd do it by automating your sales force and fulfillment. It gives you more time to focus on the big stuff, and leave the operational stuff to us.


Are you ready to make your business grow?

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Why social media and not traditional advertising?

Why social media and not traditional advertising?

The world is in constant change, and so is the way we communicate with each other. Fifty years ago, brands had different visions and different methods of getting exposure, and consumers had a different behavior as well. There was no internet, so television and billboards were the leading platforms for advertising.


However, there is a factor that hasn’t changed, and we are convinced that it never will: mouth to mouth recommendations. Back in the day, people made their purchase decision by seeing commercials on the TV or by receiving recommendations from friends. Right now, the scenario is similar, we keep trusting in recommendations from others, but the spectrum is wider now because we have access to a larger world of reviews from people we don’t even know, but still, we trust in their opinion. The best promotion for any product is given by their own customers, that’s why reviews are so important.


In the last century, in order to get to know a product you had to buy it, or maybe ask your friends if they knew about it to get a reliable impression. Now, thanks to globalization and technology, we are able to research before making the purchase to ensure a successful experience with the desired good. But how does the consumer do this?


Approximately 74% of consumers draw up purchasing decisions using social media, so being active on those channels is mandatory for any business. Customer’s behavior has changed, they are now more into buying something because they felt a connection with the brand than to just having the product because they need it.


49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations so they play a big role too, they are more reliable for clients when it comes to finding an objective opinion about a service or product. In this era our consumers can’t be taken for fools, they research and make sure what they want so that they can accomplish their expectations, and this is where social media comes through.


Your online presence is key to boost your sales and make your potential clients feel engaged with you, but what most businesses don’t understand yet is that people don’t want to see a picture of their product over and over with a caption that says “buy my stuff”. Clients want valuable information, not the “what” but the “how.”


They already know what your product is, but what they need to hear from you is how you will change their lives, how your product can make their lives easier and better. And how and why you are different from other brands, how reliable, and the expertise you have on your field.


What you need to engage with your audience is consistency and relevance. By being consistent in your communication, it will help you to develop an identity online and in your customer’s mind. Listen to them and give them the content they want, not what you want as a brand. Once they start to consume what you are posting and engaging with you, you will become relevant for them, making the purchase decision easier because the “need” will be latent in them.


It is very common that companies often focus on getting likes and followers, but the truth is while these two are important indicators, they mean nothing if you don’t track -- or don’t have an engagement rate. Here we see the importance of quality over quantity.


You don’t accomplish anything with an account full of followers and likes if your audience doesn’t interact with you. When this happens, it means your content is being unnoticed, so you’re losing money and time creating content that is irrelevant.


It’s better to have 100 engaged users than 1,000 followers that never interact with you. This rule applies to your content too. Sometimes businesses think by posting several times a week -or even daily- that they will have more exposure, but here is when algorithms play their role. We are very sorry to tell you this, but it doesn’t matter how many times you post in a week or in a day, if your content is not good enough, you’ll probably only be seen by 5% of your whole audience.


Conclusion? Valuable content is the king on social media. Saying that we’ll move forward with what really brought you here, how beneficial social media is for small to medium-sized businesses?


The answer is simple, it’s cheaper. You can do great stuff with a small budget, and a small team; all you need is creativity and cleverness. In sum, there are many important factors to consider with the benefits social media impacts on small to medium-sized businesses.


More exposure, less cost: You will get more exposure and awareness advertising on social media than in traditional media.


Measurable results: How do you know how many times people saw a billboard about you? Or how many really saw your commercial on TV? In social media, you have measurable results and they are even segmented to give you a whole vision of your audience.


Feedback: This is one of the best benefits of using social media for your business. You will hear back from your customers so you can adapt and improve your communication with their needs. Also, it allows you to create a connection with them, and increase your engagement rate since they are able to reach you.


Specific segmentation: Advertising on social media is not random, the platforms have amazing segmentation tools so you can choose your goal audience and make sure your message will be seen by the right target.


If you are ready to make your business grow, let us know. We can definitely help you with your Social Media Marketing.

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How to get good business reviews?

Reputation Management

Love me, love me, say that you love me


As a small and new business specialized in the marketing field, we know how important is to have rave reviews about your services, and products.  Reviews are an incredible way to measure different aspects of a brand; they are the score result of your performance with the client, but they can be as well a tool to improve your quality and to know the behavior of your target.

How to get a good reputation online?

We are almost in the middle of 2019 and this is an era led by the immediacy and easy access to everything thanks to the internet and technology. According to a post published in Forbes: internet usage in the U.S. has doubled since 2001 to nearly 300 million users, and smartphone penetration has risen from 20% in 2010 to 69% in 2017 among American consumers.


So, what exactly does this mean? People are using the tools given by technology and we are experiencing the best moment to build a connection with a digital community, and to show them what we have to offer.


The world is in our hands and from there people can make important research before making an investment in a product or service. Back then, the battle was between the best price, but now the real battle falls on the best online reputation.


A review works as a reference point for buyers, especially if they rather shop online than visiting the store. Considering 90% of people first check out online reviews before making a purchase and 84% trust them as much as personal recommendations, there is no doubt your marketing strategy should be focused on creating a reliable online reputation.


The thing is, usually, there is no in-between when it comes to leaving a review, customers do it because either they had an incredible and amazing experience with you, or they felt the completely opposite thing. Let’s face it, we all want 5 stars reviews but let’s keep it real, bad reviews (or just not-so-good reviews) are part of the reputation world too, so there is no need to panic at them. In fact, a bad review is an opportunity for you as a brand to show that behind you there is a human factor willing to claim and fix the issue in pro to satisfy your consumer’s needs.


Why reviews are important for your business? Because they will help you to build a reputation that will work as a boost for your brand loyalty. The best advertising for a company is not the one you promote on social media, it’s the one given by your own customers. A happy customer is a brand ambassador with a reliable testimonial that will help transform potential customers into clients.


Companies must understand that reviews are not just “things” people say about them on the Internet. They are determining factors that affect the purchase decision in customers. When a potential client is looking for reviews, they have an urgency behind to buy and their decision will depend on the results of your score.


Reviews are also used for Search Engines -SEO- (as an indicator) to give a better visualization of businesses. Google states that when you have seller ratings, the Click Through Rate (CTR) increases by up to 17% and your exposure improves by taking data from different sources to show the best reviews of you to potential clients.


Create reliability and maintain your customer loyalty with their testimonials, make them feel appreciated and part of your community since you are considering their opinion. Show your gratitude by replying all your reviews with personalized and adapted messages to each scenario, avoid generic responses. If you have a complaint or a bad review, offer a solution.


Why are reviews important for your customers? This is a way they can communicate with you to give you their opinion about your service or product and to be HEARD. It’s time to focus on your customer’s needs and not your company’s needs.


Listen to what your clients have to say about you, even if it’s bad, canalize the communications and use their comments to change, improve and offer a better experience based on the real expectations your goal audience have from you.


A bit of advice from experts

While you might be focusing on creating an optimal customer experience for your clients to get the best reviews possible, there are some tools you can use as “hacks” to improve and organize your feedback.


A Reputation Management Service can help you to achieve this and it’s a service we offer (click here to learn more about it).


One of the things we do is basically organize your reviews, so when people want to know about you, they can see a whole perspective of them.


We use a tool that helps us to find the right moment during the sales process to ask for a review and allow the customer to make it in the easiest way possible.


Also, this tool creates a URL where it compiles all the reviews from all the sources, we track to put them together in one place. So, if you have 5 reviews on Google, 5 on Yelp and 5 on another platform, it will show a profile with 15 reviews and this complete feedback will be transferred to Facebook to build up your online reputation and boost your engagement and loyalty rate.

So now that you’ve learned about reviews, would you mind giving us yours?

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