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Chicago PPC Campaign Manager

Are you looking for a Chicago PPC campaign manager to help you get the most out of your paid search ads? If so, AB Consulting Group can help. AB Consulting Group is the best choice for PPC management in Chicago. Our team is results-driven and detail-oriented. We have the experience and expertise that you can depend on to achieve the results you want. Contact us today to learn more.

Unlike the manufacturing sector, economies of scale don’t apply when it comes to PPC. Ultimately, the more volume that you are trying to achieve, the more costly it will be for you. The best way to imagine this is to envision a cost curve. For instance, on a graph, you would have your CPA and volume running along the bottom. The more volume you are trying to achieve, the steeper the curve will become. Eventually, no matter how much money you spend in the networks, you will not be able to achieve any more volume.

Choose AB Consulting Group to be Your Chicago PPC Manager

Our goal as a Chicago PPC manager is to shallow the curve so that you are able to achieve more volume for the same cost per acquisition target. We can drive more efficiency through your campaign and make your money work for you better, thereby maximizing the return on investment that you are getting.

The methodologies that we use to shallow a cost curve are all based around our cost per acquisition metrics tree. AB Consulting Group is a performance-based PPC campaign manager. We understand that all of our clients are trying to achieve some kind of cost per acquisition target within their paid advertisement spend, whether that be a cost per lead, subscription, or acquisition. If we are fixing the cost per acquisition target, we understand that there are various metrics that make that cost per acquisition.

With a cost per acquisition metrics tree, we can actually see all of the different expenses that result from your customer acquisition. There would be your impressions times your click-through rate. This will give you the number of clicks you that are getting on your campaign. If you multiply the cost per clicks times the number of clicks that you are getting, this will tell you how much your PPC campaign is costing you. On the other side, your clicks times your conversion rate will give you your total number of conversions. Then, you can divide these two figures by each other, and you will have your CPA.

Our Job is to Help You Get More Out of Your Campaign

Our job when we provide PPC campaign management in Chicago is to positively affect these metrics to achieve the CPA and get as much volume as we can within that CPA. There are only certain metrics that we can directly affect with PPC campaign management, and all of the other metrics are symptoms of the metrics we effect.

When you think of a Chicago PPC campaign manager, think of AB Consulting Group.

Chicago PPC Campaign Manager

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