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Do you know what a QR code can do for your restaurant?

Hand holding cellphone scanning QR code for restaurant menu

Congratulations! You are one step closer to improving your business with a digital menu!

The time has come to get a QR code and digitize the menu of your restaurant, bar, or cafeteria. If you are the owner of a bar or restaurant, this offer is for you.

We are all aware that due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, there is a need to change how we interact with everyone while also continuing to keep your business open and growing. At AB Consulting Group we want your restaurant to continue growing and taking advantage of all the opportunities that the world is offering now.

Thanks to technology and the widespread use of mobile phones, you will be able to work without the physical menu and eliminate a contagion vector from your establishment. With a QR code, your clients will not need to download any App, they will only have to scan the QR code printed on your tables or walls with their mobile phone, and they will directly access the information of your digital menu without having to touch anything.

Getting a QR code is a great bet at this moment, according to ComScore, a digital marketing research firm, around 20 million people scan QR codes in a three-month period.

Digitizing your menu with a QR code will not only keep your staff and patrons safe. But it will allow you to update your menu as often as you need without the cost of a printed copy, you will save significantly on your costs.

At AB Consulting Group we offer you the possibility of converting your regular menu into a digital menu with a QR code. We can even customize your QR code with your logo! But that is not all. With AB you will not only digitize your menu but you can also connect it to Google Analytics and get to know your customers better!

You will be able to analyze which dishes or drinks are the ones that people consume the most or are most interested in. You will be able to know how long it takes them to decide, what they look at first, or even what was that they saw and didn’t ask for.
With all this information, you could create an incredible strategy to make your customers come back for what in the end they did not try or that they like so much. You will achieve more sales!

This offer not only includes the configuration of your digital menu, but also some elements that will facilitate communication with your customers.

Get your personalized QR code for your menu, just click here!

What does this offer include?

1) Creation of your personalized QR code.(We can even customize your QR code with your logo!)

2) Design of your digital menu on your website.

3) Exclusive design of a promotional poster, a sticker or QR cards for the tables and walls.

4) Connect your menu with Google Analytics.

5) Better communication with your customers strategy. 

Creating a QR code for your website is a great bet. Find out how to take advantage of it.


What is a QR code and how it works?

It is a square two-dimensional barcode that, when scanned, links to a website.

Most of us have heard about them, but many people still don’t know how to scan QR codes from their smartphones. These resemble the barcodes of items available in supermarkets or retail stores, but they have one big difference: their ability to store a greater amount of information.

Although they seem confusing, QR codes are quite easy to use, there are many applications to read QR codes. 

How does it work for me?

It is reaaaaally simple! All you have to do is give us the menu of your respective establishment (you can send us a photo, scan, or a .PDF* file). We will design it to your liking, digitize it, and configure it on your website.

How will customers find my menu? 

We will provide you with a QR code design of a promotional poster, a sticker, or QR cards for the tables and walls that you can print and hang in your restaurant, even frame it, print on the tablecloths… use your imagination!

If you want, we can find the best-printed solution for your store.

And how do I send my restaurant menu to AB?

Very easy! Once your quote is completed, you can send us a * .pdf file, a photo, or scan of your menu and we will do the rest.

What if I prefer a complete web page or do not have one?

We can also help you with that and build your website! At AB Consulting Group, we are experts in web design. We will give you the best-personalized attention and find the best solution for your establishment. We will help you position yourself in search engines and guide you in the digitization of your business.

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