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Do not leave a website for your personal brand or business to an untrained professional. It is too important! Contact the team at Design Marketing. We have years of working in the field, and we are one of the best firms for Long Island website designers.

Pros of hiring a design firm

A design firm can provide more services than a designer who works without the backing of one. An individual designer is capable of designing the website and running testing. This tends to be the end of their services. Designer firms offer a continuation that individuals can not.

Firms can offer post-launch support services to their clients. Firms also employ SEO experts and social media marketers. These companies can continue to rework your website until it gets the traffic and search ranking it needs. They can also run social media campaigns for your companies channels.

Choosing a design firm

Web design is a vast field, and potential clients have a plethora of choices. Use these tips to narrow your choices.

  • Look for a breadth of experience - Every designer was a new person working with their first client. That, however, is not always a risk you can take. Look for firms with years of experience and a high number of clients.
  • Research their reputation - The internet will not let you down. Facebook and Google reviews are open forums where past and present clients can share their thoughts. While disgruntled clients are apt to leave reviews, those reviews can contain items you must be aware of.
  • Analyze how the firm reacts to your ideas - Can the designers listen to your words and bring them to life in a sketch?

Our firm of Long Island website designers can meet all these criteria and more for your project.

Can I design my own website?

In theory, yes. There are templates available at no-cost or low-cost that you can use. If you can follow instructions, you can load logos, graphics, and pictures into the template. There is a good chance you can run your necessary testing to see if it works. You will save yourself thousands of dollars by doing so.

However, do you know what the phrase responsive design means? Can you optimize your website for SEO? Is your site optimized for sales? If you do not know what these terms mean, or you cannot do these things, hire a design firm. A website is the first face people see of your business. If you do not invest in a professional website, you have failed to put your best foot forward.

Creating web copy

Web designers are creative people with an eye for detail. This does not mean they can also write web copy. That is a different style of creative. When selecting your firm, inquire about the production of web copy. Make sure you review it as well since that copy speaks for you online.

Don’t wait another day to get started with the best Long Island website designers. Contact Design Marketing today.

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