If you're trying to introduce your law practice to a new level of online marketing, you may be feeling overwhelmed. A mere glance at the stats can scare you. Many lawyers who heavily invested in their organic performance get sucessful results for some time only to see their entire online assets evaporate after another Google algorithm update.

A&B consulting group has experience working for Attorneys, we have implemented the best strategies to effectively makerting a law firm or law-realated business online.

You need a niche. With our marketing strategies and our User Experience team, we will fully understand online prospects and their specific needs. The clients you obtain online are generally more demanding, they like to look around, and they usually ask for a rock bottom price for your services. You also need to expect loads of phone calls and free consultations.

Our strategy is to take the "totality" approach where you must be visible to your prospects simply anywhere they search. All legal directories and major customer review portals such as Yelp , Avvo, Lawyers.com, and so forth. We have an in-house team that manages our organic campaigns. The team includes attorneys who submit and edit content, a search engine optimization (SEO) unit, outreach specialists, media person, supervisors, as well as an IT unit that keeps the things up.

People usually turn to search engines and not social media when they look for an attorney service but we do social media campaigns to boost your brand recognition. It helps your organic rankings when your brand is in a search uptrend.

To build trust with potential clients, you need a professional law firm logo. We make the best law firm logos:

  • Make it easy to recognize your brand.
  • Allows you to connect with your audience
  • Represent what your brand does

That's why it's important to create a unique and costumized law firm logo design. We make sure your law firm logo uses the right icons, fonts, and colors to convey the right message.

Want to promote your small business?

Good news! A&B consulting group has an extensive experience doing marketing with purpose. We will help your small business thrive and generate great results.