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Social Media Marketing: How to Reach Your Target Audience

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Did you know that 4.55 billion people are active users of social media? Could your business stand to improve by tapping into this pool of potential customers? If you want to attract new customers to your business and engage with current customers, you have to go where these consumers can be found, and that’s on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and others. Today, more than 50% of shoppers learn about new brands on social media platforms, but they can’t learn about your brand if it hasn’t established a strong, positive social media presence. By investing in social media marketing, you can reach your target audience to drive traffic to your business and, ultimately, sell more of your products or services. 

Reach (and Grow) Your Target Customer Base

Social media is an excellent vehicle for reaching your business’s target audience and encouraging its growth. No matter who your ideal customer happens to be, they likely use social media. By marketing on the platforms where your target customers are likely to be, you can attract more of them to your brand as well as its products and services. The key is to establish a strong presence on the social media networks where your customer base visits regularly. 
If your target audience happens to be young adults, for example, you’ll want to include sites like Instagram and Tik Tok in your social media marketing campaign. In addition to the major social sites we’ve mentioned, there are also many social media platforms that are industry-specific. So, if you sell products or services related to marketplaces like wedding services or baby products, you’ll want to market on those related platforms.

Social Media Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Not only can you rely on social media marketing to reach your target audience, you can do so in a cost-effective manner. In fact, you can invest in social media advertising and marketing at any level that is appropriate for your budget. After achieving a level of marketing success using social media marketing tools and resources, you may then scale up your marketing efforts in accordance with your profit increases. This is one of the most cost-effective methods for growing your marketing campaign. 


Learn about Your Customers

Savvy companies use social media to learn more about their customers. The better you know your ideal customer, the more effectively you can market to them. If you want to become a customer-centric company, you need to find out more about your target audience–what it needs and what it wants. Simply establishing a strong presence on social media will let you engage with your customers, gaining valuable information about them.


Learn about Your Competitors

While it’s important to learn about your customers, it’s also essential to learn about your competitors. Knowing what your competitors value and how they engage with their customers can give you valuable insight to their strategies. Keeping an eye on your competitors is just part of doing business. Without awareness of your competitors, you may not be able to keep up with them as effectively. 


How to Develop Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

To get started on your social media marketing plan, you’ll first want to consider which social media networks to establish a presence on. As mentioned, most companies will certainly include the big networks in their plans like Facebook and Instagram. You may also want to market on some of the smaller networks that are relevant to your business’s industry. Once you decide which networks to appear on, you can tailor your plan to suit each of them. You’ll also want to include the following in your plan:
Content Marketing
Once you establish your business on social networks, you’ll need to develop content that will allow you to engage your target audience. The content you develop can help you build brand recognition and cultivate brand loyalty. To develop that content, you should establish your goals and create content that allows you to achieve them. While it’s important to create content that informs your customers about your brand and products, it’s also crucial to engage them. Create open-ended posts that will persuade customers to interact with your brand. These are the types of posts that can help you get to know your customers better. 
Create a Content Calendar
Your business will have to decide how often and when to post its content or paid advertising on social media. First, consider when your target audience is most likely to be on social sites. Then, you can decide when to post your content. It’s important not to overdo it. If you bombard your customers with too many posts, you run the risk that they’ll unfollow your account. On the other hand, you don’t want to underpost. Aim to post with some consistency. Then, monitor your posts to help you determine which times are ideal for posting. 
Social Media Advertising
Although it costs to advertise on social networks, these expenditures are usually money well spent. The networks feature tools for allowing you to create various types of ads. After you create and run them, you can use onboard analytics to measure their performance. The top-performing ads are ads you’ll want to recreate for future campaigns. You can also learn from ads that underperform. You can revise them and rerun them again.
If you want to build your social media presence, you can rely on A&B Consulting Group. We feature a full lineup of digital marketing solutions designed to help you develop your brand and increase sales of your products or services. Let us work with you to leverage the social media networks, tapping into your target audience to boost your sales and increase your profit margin. Contact us to learn more about our digital marketing services.