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Web Design Maple Grove Mn

For the best web design in Maple Grove, MN, contact Watermark Design today. We have everything you need to succeed online. There is a lot of discussion on the Internet these days about what's the most important aspect of your online presence. A lot of people believe that social media is the key to success for any business or brand online. Others believe that SEO and SEM are the most important aspects of a robust online presence. However, at Watermark Design, we believe that web design is the most important aspect of anyone's presence online.

Now, you might be thinking something to the effect of, "Isn't that convenient!" After all, it would probably come as no surprise that a web design company thinks that web design is the most important aspect of any online presence! But we've got a little evidence to back us up on this.

Just How Important is Web Design?

Did you know that Google has employees whose job it is to view new websites physically? These are real people who look at your website and its pages and determine the quality thereof. One of the questions that these Google employees ask themselves is, "Would I trust this website with my credit card?" If the answer is no or maybe, then that will count as a strike against your website, and it will be harder to rank future content. We're not making this up. This is from Google!

Further, the quality of a website's design translates directly to trust or lack of trust from the website's users. For example, a low-quality website will not instill trust in its users, whereas a professional-grade website will. Not only are your users less likely to trust you with their credit cards if your web design is lacking, but they also are less likely to trust you as an authority in your niche or industry.

Future marketing efforts will be in vain if you have a low-quality web design. How so? Digital marketing pushes traffic to your website. Why waste time and money on marketing if your web design is inferior? All of the traffic and "leads" that you gain through marketing will just as quickly be lost because all of your new visitors will bounce from your pages immediately. This can actually send a bad signal to Google and hurt your SEO in the long-run.

Is a Premium Theme Enough?

A lot of people are using CMSs to build websites, such as WordPress. There are a lot of self-styled "gurus" out there who teach their followers to simply purchase a specific WP theme and not to pay for web design. Even if you have a premium WP theme, you still need web design services! Watermark Design can add additional features and functionality to your site, making it more personalized, enhancing your SEO, and providing a better experience for your website's users. Contact Watermark Design for a consultation and discuss your web design goals with the best company for web design in Maple Grove, MN.

Web Design Maple Grove Mn
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