The #1 Sales Enablement Service Provider
Ensures that buyers are engaged at the right time and place, and with the right assets by well-trained client-facing staff to provide a world-class experience along with the customer’s journey.
A&B is ready to give you the help you need when you need it. We work as an extension of your team, to fill in what you need and provide the expertise to jump-start your sales enablement program. On-boarding and systematic selling systems (presentations, packed with analytics, Zoom and more)

Accelerate Your Pipeline and Increase Sales Efficiency through our Sales Enablement Process

Engage Prospects. Sell Better. Sell Faster.

Buyers have more power than ever before. Research suggests most prospects now complete up to two thirds of their research before contacting a vendor, making it harder than ever for sales to maintain control.

To adapt to this change, we need to meet the buyer where they are. Your sales process needs to be aligned with the way your prospects buy and in a way they will love. It’s time for sales to go inbound.

Sales Enablement initiatives

While utilizing the right sales and performance management technologies, in addition to energizing cross-organizational collaboration. Sales Enablement optimizes the Selling motion in order to increase pipeline, move opportunities forward and win bigger deals more efficiently to drive profitable growth. 


  • Implement New sales technology 
  • Improve selling skills of reps 
  • Streamline internal communication to minimize non-selling time 
  • Create competency based hiring profiles
  • Implement new sales methodology 
  • Improve social media by reps 
  • Improve on-boarding process
  • Implement/refine enablement program metrics
  • Implement certification programs
  • New offering launch 

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